Ronny Tome, CEO of Ducatus Global

Ronny Tome is the CEO of Singapore-based Fintech firm, Ducatus Global.

Ronny made history in 2014 when he completed the then-largest Bitcoin transaction and first ever cryptocurrency real estate transaction when he sold a villa in Bali for $750,000 worth of Bitcoins. Two years later, he founded Ducatus Global and the Ducatus group of companies and began to make his own mark in this emerging industry.

When creating Ducatus Coin, Ronny Tome wanted it to stand apart from other cryptocurrencies and correct a long-standing issue the team had long seen in the Fintech world — rather than building on risky speculation with only potential big gains or losses for those early investors, Ducatus Coin is operated by a business, driven by professionals, and focused on detailed strategy and careful execution.

Outside of work, Ronny Tome loves to travel. Having lived in Bali for more than two decades, it comes as no surprise that Ronny likes visiting places that are warmer. He also enjoys sports, especially tennis and soccer.

Ronny Tome was born in Germany and has lived in Bali, Indonesia since 1995. He is happily married with two wonderful children. For more, visit his blog!